Trap Pilates® is when R&B/Trap Music meets fast paced Core Burning Pilates. Your Trap Pilates® Instructor will lead an hour packed class full of your favorite Rap Music wanting you to turn your Pilates experience into a club on your MAT. You will SWEAT....BURN....and most importantly HAVE FUN!!! If you like rap music and want to be introduced to Pilates or even a novice this experience is for you!!

In Trap Pilates®, we work out to our favorite rap songs that’s popular in the region that you live in. For example our Home Office is in Atlanta, GA and all of our Atlanta based classes are to Atlanta Trap music. In NY our Trap Pilates® Instructors my use all EAST Coast Rap Music, and our lovely West Coast Trap Pilates® Instructors of course use West Coast Rap. WE all have one thing in common.....WE LOVE RAP MUSIC AND PILATES!!! So you can just call us Bad A** Mat Rebels!!

Something else we pride ourselves on is promoting and being advocates for Positive Body Images. YES the workout may be challenging but it's for all BODY shapes and sizes. It’s about having fun and letting go of any outside distractions. The 60 minutes that you spend with us should allow you to just have fun and PARTY ON YOUR MAT!!!!!! Our Pilates moves are repetitive and very easy to follow which means that our students can naturally increase their level of intensity during their workouts. So the first class you come to, you may think WTH have I got myself into....but by class #5 you will be feeling stronger and more powerful!! FAIR WARNING...Just when you think it's easy our instructors will create another MASTERPIECE of a TRAP experience... We aim to keep you motivated and we want you to tell your friends and family plus we want you to keep coming back for more.


A Trap Pilates® Class is a 50-55 Minute Full Trap Pilates® Workout. It's a Positive Space to Laugh, Have Fun, Network, Twerk, Dance, Stretch, Work Your Core and GET Lit by having a party on the Mat



A Trap Pilates® Event is more of an experience. It still includes a 50-55 Minute Trap Pilates® Workout in a Positive Space to Laugh, Have Fun, Network, Twerk, Dance, Stretch, Work your core, GETTING EXTRA LIT and have a party on your mat. BUT IT ALSO INCLUDES

· A Live DJ or Rap Artist

· Giveaways (shirts, hat, swag bags or money)

· Small size Alcohol Bottles (to those over 21)

* Events normally are 2-3 hours.



Trap Pilates® was born in June of 2017. Sonya would always put a few rap songs in her normal Pilates classes and the classes would always be full of energy. It was always a guarantee that you would be listening to the latest dope beats blaring out the speakers. And then she went to a Trap Fitness Class and was amazed and inspired that so many people were feeling an entire class with just Rap Music. So, she then went back to her studio and planned to teach a Pilates class to just TRAP Music. The 1st class was a SOLD OUT hit but she wanted to enhance that to be more than just a class. So, the next plan was to really trap it out and make it more of an experience. She put songs on the playlist and actively played or rather "act" out the songs. This is when Kendall J was born through this experience.

For example, when No Hands by Atlanta's own Waka Flocka played there is FREE bottles of Moscato...after the line "WE GON SIP MIOSCATO AND DO IT WITH NO HANDS". Or when Futures song Patek Water blasted, everyone got Water Bottles labeled "Trap Pilates PATEK WATER" and let's not forget the crowd favorite and the Hit Song No Limit was pumping by G-Easy/A$cap Rocky & Cardi B there was CASH flying to a lucky Trap Pilates® attendee with all eyes on them as they squat and twerk it out. This is where the EVENT MAGIC was born. 

In addition to all the giveaways there is a LIVE DJ and a LIVE BARTENDER. The chemistry of the group (Trap Pilates® Team) was amazing. And after a few SOLD OUT events around the US was Born Trap Pilates®. It is now more than just a class or Event. 

There is now also an 8-hour certification class to certify the ARMY of Trap Pilaterz globally. It is the goal of the TEAM to have Trap Pilates® In every part of the United States and also go to other countries. This new Fitness trend is one to have people talking and loving EVERYWHERE.