VIP Party & Private Events

VIP Party & Private Events

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Have you been to a class or have you heard all about Trap Pilates and ready to book a PRIVATE EVENT?? Lets get you scheduled so you and your friends can experience a PARTY ON THE MAT.

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Girls Night Out

There is a Girls Night out then there is a Girls Night out "Trap Pilates" style. You tell us your favorite rap artist and we will tailor an entire evening around it. It's guaranteed to be a night of laughter, fun, Wine, Chakra openings and of course Trap Pilates.

Private Parties

Celebrate your 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th or whatever number you wish to be birthday Pilates style. Plan a VIP party to remember!. We use all birthday related songs on your special day leaving it as a night to remember. Parties are normally held within a 2-3 hour block with a 45 minute "fun" Trap Pilates class, along with all the extras we offer as part of an Event experience. It's your important day and an important milestone. Let us help you make it awesome.

Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette parties are the ultimate way to celebrate a bride's final fling with her closest friends. We create an experience like no other including a 50 Minute Trap Pilates class geared to learning other benefits of Pilates. Whether the bride-to-be is classically "girly", wild, active or sophisticated, we promise to make it a night to remember for all of you. (Bachelorette Parties are normally booked for a 2-3 hour block.)