Welcome to the World of NightCLUB Fitness

Why swig coconut water after a workout when a margarita is mere steps away? Welcome to the world of nightclub fitness, where Atlantans downward dog to Outkast and squat under strobe lights featuring other Atlanta rap Artist music.

Thursday - Saturday Nights we turn your workout Into a Party!! You’re guaranteed to have an awesome time at a AlterEgo NIGHT LIFE class! The classes consists of Trap Pilates, Trap Yoga, Buti-Yoga, LIT Dance Fitness, Zumba, Mixxed Fit and some other Dance inspired classes.  Oh… each class features a live DJ playing killer music.

Every Monday the schedule is revealed for the following week… so there is always something NEW and exciting…. So trade those stilettos and your skirt in for some Yoga Pants and a Yoga Mat….an EXPERIENCE you will never forget!!